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Home renovation means remodeling your home by improving a damaged, outdated or broken structure or some of the parts of your home to give it a more unique and trendy Look. Innovations The Interior Studio is one of the best luxury interior designers in Mumbai who suggest the best idea to upgrade your home in the best way possible.
If you are trying to renovate your home, you have come to the right place because we will design some of the best renovation tips suggested by interior designers in Mumbai. Adopting these ideas will get the most straightforward and executable renovation ideas that add more charm to your home. Moreover, these ideas will help you give the most stylish look according to your needs and requirements.

Best remodeling ideas :

1. Use the area under your stairs.
Remodeling also says to use a brilliant strategy by utilizing most of the space of your home. For example, if your house includes a staircase, it also needs to be remodeled, and it is suggested not to leave a large space present under your stairs unused. You can use this space by adding some shelves to display your music collection for your wine collection, making it more usable, and the best utilization of each area of your home gives a more luxurious look to your home.

2. Works on the exterior also.
It’s not just the interior of your house that gives a luxurious effect to your home, while that serial of your house also needs to be improved and remodeled. This part of your house is as essential as the inner part of your home. So while making a strategy to renovate your home, it is advisable to add a few antique pieces to the exterior of your home to give it a more pleasant appearance. You can not need to spend much, and by adopting simple methods, you will be able to add luxury to the exterior of your home by adding a simple Garden, window boxes, and planters to the windows of the space of the surface.

3. Upgrade your kitchen as well
The kitchen Island provides battery space and comes up with extra sitting options that further give you an additional Storage Area. By doubling the Minibar of the kitchen design, you will enhance the look of your kitchen. You can use modern equipment and techniques to upgrade your kitchen and give it a more luxurious look, and it is also advisable to fill it up with racks to utilize every space of your kitchen. You can use pattern tiles for the walls of your kitchen that give it a 3D effect and more lavishing look.

4. Add more colors to your drawing-room
Different color combinations add more white to your living room, but it is advisable to contrast every space of your home to give it a more aesthetic look. By using the contrast of colors, you will also be adding a dramatic feel to your living area, and it is considered one of the best innovations of all time. Best interior designers in Mumbai also suggest that if you want to add life and renovate or remodel your home, you must look at colors to the area of your home by utilizing every space optimally.

5. Make use of different shapes.
No one says that you should stick towards the traditional shape of furniture for other interiors of your home. Instead, it has been suggested to customize or play with different forms that will add more charm to your space and make it look stylish and unique at the same time.


If you are interested in some of the renovation Ideas, you must follow the above-suggested tips at it will help you a lot to renovate your home in the best way possible. Home renovation becomes more manageable if you take help from experienced interior designers. Innovations The Interior Studio are well equipped with professional interior designers who will suggest the best idea and tips to renovate your home in the best way possible.

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