14 Innovative Interior Decor To Increase Your Home Charm

The way Innovationstis envision the interior design of a luxury home can be highly different from the way you do. Huge chandeliers, heavy curtains, bespoke settees, or larger-than-life wall decor come to mind, whereas lots of glass, crisp white walls, linear sofas, and elegant accent chairs come to mind for the other. But, no matter how your ideal luxury house inside looks, it’s the refined appearance that makes these designs so appealing.

It’s a problem you’ve had before, which is why luxury interior designers in Mumbai have compiled this list of the top 14 items in home decor.

14 Innovative Interior Decor

1. Clock
We design best luxury interior in Mumbai that makes you feel at ease since it tells a story about you. There is nothing more luxury than custom-made designs, furnishings, and aesthetic accessories when they are paired with personal taste. We highlight your interests, treasured possessions, and personality.

2. Table lamps
We frequently emphasize the importance of lighting and not relying just on ceiling lights to illuminate our houses. Table and floor lamps soften the light and decrease harsh shadows in our home — and they may also be used as decor!

3. Cushions
If you ask the best interior designers in Mumbai, there is no better method to get the most bang for your money while decorating than by just changing up your cushions. They’re a terrific way to introduce a new color palette or add texture to a room. According to interior designers in Mumbai, switch the normal foam cushion inserts for feather inserts for more luxury aesthetic and improved comfort.

4. Candles
You know how crazy we are with candles, so this one had to be on the list! Because they work on our sense of smell, Candles provide an atmosphere to a home in a way that few other decor pieces can. To avoid carrying toxins into your home, look for ones produced from soy wax and natural aromas.

5. Rugs
Rugs serve numerous functions in the home, such as defining zones, adding warmth, and softening hard flooring. When used with a bold color or pattern, they can act as wall art in a room

6. Vases
Vases are available in a variety of materials, including glass, ceramic, metal, and concrete. Depending on the size and style of your vase, these can look great as a stand-alone item (for example, a large vase filled with dry branches on a sideboard) or integrate well into a designed arrangement.

7. Art
There’s something special about owning a one-of-a-kind or limited edition piece of original art. Knowing the significance of an item or the artist adds to the unique story of our houses. Interior decorators in Mumbai always encourage investing in art, whether it’s sculpture, painting, glasswork, or something else.

8. Mirrors
With a correctly placed mirror, you may bounce light around or create the illusion of a larger area.

9. Indoor plants
You can never have too many indoor plants. There’s never been a finer selection of elegant vessels for displaying your indoor plants!

10. Photo frames
Framing images or printing them on canvas adds charm to your house and allows you to display your best moments.

11. Crystals
If you haven’t already jumped on the crystal bandwagon, please do us a favor and give it a shot. Whether you believe in crystals’ natural properties or not, there’s no denying they’re a lovely decorative item.

12. Sheepskins
We all love a nice sheepskin moment around the house. Sheepskins look and feel great draped over a bench seat, an occasional chair, or the floor of a cozy corner.

13. Baskets
These are fantastic for keeping little objects organized in a natural weave or color. Baskets are excellent for maintaining packet food items together in the pantry, and there’s no better way to organize kids’ toys in the playroom. Baskets can be found on bookshelves, in bathrooms, and almost every room of the house.

14. Glass sculptures
When we think of sculptors, we usually think of painters or ceramicists, but there are many fantastic glass artists out there, and we love the notion of adding glass sculptures into the home.
We hope the compiled items discussed by Innovationstis interior decorators in Mumbai will help you develop a design that best fits your needs.

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