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We build a house but it takes a lot of effort to make it a home. Having four walls and four rooms doesn’t mean you will get a homely feeling. The feelings will arrive when you see the aesthetics and beauty of your home decor. ‘This environment feels like home’ will be the first sentence that will come out of your mouth. Here comes the role of interior design. This is what gives the house a home feeling. If you have excellent knowledge of home designing then you are good to go but if you don’t take the help of an interior designer. We, InnovationTIS, an interior design company in Mumbai, have excellent designers to serve you with your home’s interior decor. 
Nowadays, there is a trend of having home interiors as seen on pinterest. But designing your house is not an easy game. You have to know colors, furniture, lighting, and design so that the room will be beautiful along with functional. Hiring an interior designer would save you from wasting your money on these wasteful DIYs and interior disasters.

Design Luxurious Interior At Budget 

Successful interior design must meet needs and serve a purpose, not just looks. Interior designers must take several aspects into consideration and make carefully considered decisions to provide the best possible result from both a design and functional standpoint. Interior designers in Andheri West are applying modern methods to make houses in the western line more graceful and welcoming. Consulting with Interior designers will give you a chance to make your home or office cost-effectively elegant. You don’t have to put lakhs and lakhs on items of furniture and decor that don’t suit your house. 

Be Minimalistic – The Less The Best 

Take active participation in your house design. Interior designers know but they need your approval to make the process easier. Tell them about your taste in design and opt for minimalism. Sometimes having less is good. Furniture occupies the space more. So concentrate on having less but functional furniture which adds value to your room decor. In InnovationsTIS, we concentrate on art and science which can make your home functional and aesthetically pleasing. 

Build Your House Just Like Your Pinterest Profile

This is something we dream of but couldn’t achieve. Having a home that is as supreme as our pinboards. Well, Interior designers can help you to achieve your dream home looks. When choosing a designer, pay attention to their qualifications and work experience. You can see if the person is really up to the task of designing your home. InnovationsTIS, an interior designing company based in Andheri West, has qualified interior designers with vast work experience to make your house a home. 


We are The Interior Studio in Mumbai. We have specialized designers who can make your residential apartments or commercial sector beautiful and functional with their skilled and experienced minds. We know how every place has a unique personality just like its owners. This is why, to achieve the home of your dreams we consult, decorate and design interiors. 

Why is it advantageous to hire an Interior Designer? 

1. Designers will help you create a relaxing space

Home is where you want to relax, unwind, and want to feel calm. Designers help you to choose lights and elements that can make a serene atmosphere for you. We consider all the factors to achieve that nirvana place for you. 

2. Designers will make the place more organized

The goal of interior design is not only creating a beautiful place but also making it poised and organized. Proper storage of items of furniture, designing elements, and a place that will look neat, clean, and inviting. We have to take into account the functionality of the place. 

3. The designer will design according to your standard of living. 

Designers know what questions to ask to understand how you live and what you need. Good design is not only exquisite. It’s functional and fits your lifestyle. Your Lifestyle also influences the room decor. If you like vintage styles designers will make them elegant. If you are a movie person, opt for plushy couches and spacey areas.  

4. Comfortable And Cozy 

Designers can also create spaces with keeping in mind by incorporating features such as wider doorways, curbless showers, and handrails. During the golden years, your home will be safer and more comfortable. Comfort and Cozy environments invite peace of mind. Be it home or office to be productive and energetic you need a peaceful and happy mind. 

5. Elements Addition

Space is divided into two- positive and negative. The right balance of the two is important for a space to feel well-organized. On the other hand, a room with too many positive spaces can feel crowded and overfurnished. Adding decor elements according to room space adds on novel perspective to the interior. With style elements like Art pieces, Modern chandeliers, and show pieces, a designer can make the room more visually alluring. There are many things that come under interior design but what we have covered now is some of them. 

If you want to know more or have any inquiries regarding interior designs feel free to contact InnovationsTIS. 

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