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We all need a little freshening up now and again, whether it’s in our personal life or our homes. The living areas in your home should adapt to your ever-evolving personality. Adding a few fresh pieces of art or accessories may make a world of difference. You don’t need to find interior decorators in Mumbai because we are here with this step-by-step guide.

1. Always request samples.
Although it may seem apparent, many house decorators overlook samples when they are struck with enthusiasm about renovating their interiors. You should always purchase various pieces before committing to any item, from wallpaper and paint to flooring and textiles.

2. Return to the fundamentals
Beginning with pristine white walls may create a neutral and clean basis to build around that other colors cannot, allowing you more opportunity to be creative with décor. There are hundreds of whites, creams, and greys to choose from.

3. Let go of symmetry.
A perfectly symmetrical space may seem perfect to many homeowners, but this is not always the case. A balanced design may result in a cold, impersonal workplace.

4. Add a splash of vibrant crimson.
A flare of cherry red may end a design even if it seems to clash with the rest of the decor.

5. Make use of curves and arches.
Curves, circles, and arches are having a moment, lending a softness to contemporary and antique homes. We love how this innovative bedroom design transforms a functional storage solution into a stylish highlight with the addition of small downlighters that make your display shine after dark.

6. Install crown moldings.
Crown moldings, also known as cornicing, are ornamental plaster strips that span between the wall and the ceiling. It is a notable historical aspect of older houses and may be incorporated into a bedroom or living area for a polished, traditional aesthetic.

7. Refinish the shutters.
A well-dressed window can transform a space from drab to spectacular instantly. The newest trend is to employ color to integrate it into your design strategy completely.

8. Create thoroughfares.
One of the most typical design blunders made by non-designers, particularly in open-plan spaces, is packing too much furniture into an area without providing enough room for people to wander about comfortably.

9. Complete the floor layout.
When it comes to making sure you have adequate space, it’s also crucial to have enough room to move about in less active regions of your house. For example, you should preferably allow 45cm between couches, chairs, and coffee tables in your living room.

10. Three’s a charm
When it comes to design, three is unquestionably a magical number — as are odd numbers in general. Grouping odd numbers of things — pillows, vases, photos, or candles – causes the eye to roam across the display, providing visual intrigue that symmetrical, even-numbered arrangements cannot match.

11. Make the flooring consistent.
Using the same flooring in various rooms or regions of your house is a simple method to make the space seem more significant. Rugs may break up the continuity of huge, open-plan spaces and partition the area according to function.

12. Your color palette should balance.
Are you looking for a foolproof method to proportion a three-color scheme? Stick to 60% for your primary color, 30% for your secondary color, and 10% for your accent color, and you’ll be hard-pressed to go wrong.

13. Repurpose drab furniture
An interior decorators hidden weapon is the ability to repurpose antique furniture. Painting furniture is a low-cost method to add color and character to your home, whether you’re updating mass-produced flat-pack designs or shabby-chic antiques.

14. Color-blocked walls
Block painting walls with complementary or contrasting colors may change the feeling of space in a room while also adding a fun touch to your design.

15. Emphasize a fireplace
As an innovative storage solution, a colorful fireplace surround may become a showpiece in and of itself. Fill the center shelf with books or candles and lean paintings of houseplants on the top shelf.
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